Whether you fly, drive, or cruise the seas, vacations are expensive, and your time away is precious. Don’t let infections ruin your vacation!

  • Talk to your doctor about any vaccinations you will need before traveling out of the country.
  • Be sure to bring a First Aid kit—and lots of hand sanitizer.
  • If traveling abroad, carefully select food by avoiding uncooked shellfish, undercooked seafood or meat, as well as raw vegetables that might have been washed in local water.
  • Check ahead with embassy websites if traveling out of the country. For U.S. domestic travel, check with the National Park Service and State Departments of Health for extra health and safety tips.
  • Carry your doctor’s phone number and your health insurance information for easy reference. Don’t forget your vaccination records as well as a list of all medications that you currently take, including herbal remedies or vitamins.


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